Apprenticeships – It’s all about the Training Provider

If you are considering how apprenticeships could help your business then you have taken the first step towards improving your workforce – the next step is how do you do it? This is where training providers come into the process and the gov.uk website provides guidance on the role they play and other options.

In summary, there are 3 types of apprenticeship training provider on the register of apprenticeship training providers:

  • Main provider – enters contracts with employers that use the apprenticeship service to pay for apprenticeship training or holds a contract with ESFA to deliver to employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy. More information on apprenticeships and employers can be found here.
  • Employer provider – trains their own employees or those of connected companies and uses the apprenticeship service to pay for the apprenticeship training.
  • Supporting provider – enters subcontracts with main providers and employer providers to enhance apprenticeship training for employers and their apprentices.

Your training provider doesn’t have to be located near you as many are national and offer training at your workplace and online.

Here at PTS we are a main provider of apprenticeships in the Education and Childcare, Health and Social Care sectors as well as offering Business Admin, Finance, Events and Leadership courses that are applicable across most sectors.  We operate in London, Surrey and the South East but welcome enquiries from surrounding areas.

Things to consider when looking for a training provider

Choosing a training provider that’s right for your business is important.   Your training provider can provide you with as much help and support as you need when you take on an apprentice.

Consider things like:

  • how well they communicate with you about the training
  • what other employers say about them
  • what apprentices say about them
  • It’s up to you how you work together. so just ask as many questions as you can.

Your training provider can help you:

  • find the right training
  • recruit and interview apprentices
  • prepare your apprentice for the workplace
  • make sure your apprentice is working in an appropriate environment
  • make sure your apprentice is learning the relevant skills for your business

Manage the apprentice recruitment process 

The recruitment process for apprentices may be confusing with regards to funding and legality. This makes it time-consuming for first time businesses and so getting support from the training provider who can carry out the process on your behalf could be a great solution.