Amanda Sadler Learner of the Month

Congratulations to this month’s Learner of the Month is Amanda Sadler studying our Maths Functional Skills Course.

Here’s what Tutor, Mandy Main had to say about her achievements:  

Amanda has worked extremely hard to achieve her goal of Maths functional skills level 2. Amanda has studied both levels 1 and 2 with PTS and has been a very conscientious and hard-working learner. She works in the paramedic service and has a very demanding job but ensured she put aside the necessary personal time to dedicate to her studies. Amanda has explained to me that this achievement will enable her to gain a promotion and go further in her industry.


Here’s what Amanda himself had to say:

Do you feel the training has benefited you? 

Absolutely! Upon starting both Level 1 & 2 I felt like a fish out of water! Through out the on line session (& plenty of revision in-between) I found my feet. I actually started to quite enjoy Maths! I am now able to put this knowledge into every day life, cooking, shopping and helping my husband with his books. Another benefit is being able to help my son (age 11) with his Maths homework. Going forward this qualification will assist me with promotion within the ambulance service.

Have you had to overcome any difficulties whilst doing your training?

Aside from the obvious – understanding formulas and understanding the various ways of finding an answer. No. The course content was delivered at a manageable pace. I put the time in, in between session to revise and completely understand the “subject matters”. This is crucial for a pass. My tutor was helpful with various emails that I chose to send her!


Are there any skills that you have developed during your training that you believe will help you career-wise in the long term?

For 18 years I was patient facing within the ambulance service (front line), the past 5 years I have undertaken an Officers role which involves the use of spreadsheets and rota planning. Having completed both Level 1&2 Maths I am able to calculate percentages of hours and unsocial payments with ease. Although I hold 23 years + service with South East Coast Ambulance Service, should I wish to apply for promotion, the requirement for Maths is paramount. I am now in a position to further my career should I wish. Thank you to all the staff at Professional Training Solutions, your support has benefited me greatly!
Amanda Sadler