Welcome!  You’ve taken the first step towards becoming an accounting apprentice.

We’ve brought together the details here for you to decide if an apprenticeship in accountancy is something you’d like to pursue. We offer the following accounting apprenticeship courses:

Level 2 Accounts/Finance Assistant

Level 3 Assistant Accountant


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Why become an AAT apprentice?

  1. Earn while you learn – As an apprentice, you’ll be paid from day one of starting your apprenticeship with an employer, giving you the opportunity to earn while gaining on-the-job experience.
  2. Develop the skills that employer need – As well as learning the ins and outs of a specific role, you’ll learn soft skills like communication, time management and leadership, better preparing you for the world of work.
  3. Gain a recognised qualification – your apprenticeship may give you the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification, which will help make you more attractive to future employers.
  4. Earn valuable practical experience – As an apprentice, you’ll work alongside existing staff gaining job-specific practical skills in your chosen field.
  5. Get a foot in the door – Getting a first step on the career ladder can be tricky, however, as an apprentice you’ll have the advantage of already having your foot in the door of an employer

The what, why, who and how of being an apprentice

You probably have a lot of questions – the guide here gives a really great overview and should answer all your questions, click the guide to view and download it.

Or just drop us an email – enquiries@protrain-solutions.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I earn while I learn?
If you’re aged 16 to 18 or in the first year of your apprenticeship, you’re entitled to the National Minimum Wage for an apprentice. If you’re aged 19 or over and have completed the first year of your apprenticeship, you’re entitled to the National Minimum Wage. In England you’ll work a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Will i have to pay?
No, you aren’t responsible for paying for an apprenticeship regardless of what your age is. All costs are covered by your employer and the government.

What salary can I achieve?
Apprenticeships can be an excellent door opener to virtually any career, so its guaranteed to give you a great start or boost to your career.

As a school leaver how do I get started?
If you have big career aspirations but don’t want to go to University, an apprenticeship is a great choice. Its a win-win for you as you” be earning, learning and avoiding uni debt! Here is a great infographic on Apprenticeships v’s Uni.
If you decide finance is for you the next step is find an apprenticeship vacancy, depending on your skills and experience will determine what level you start on. We offer Level 2, 3 and 4 accounting apprenticeships.

How to find an apprenticeship
AAT advertise vacancies from employers across the UK – visit aat.org.uk/apprenticeships
Training Providers – we advertise our vacancies here
Look for employer vacancies – many will advertise their apprenticeship vacancies on job sites – Indeed, Reed, Total jobs.   Also you can search on the government website – www.apprenticeships.gov.uk/apprenticeships.
Other sites include – Not Going to Uni, Get my First Job, UCAS apprenticeship finder.

I’m already working, how do I i get started?
If you’ve decided you’d like to do an apprenticeship at your current place of work the first thing to do is to gather all the information you need so you can discuss it with your employer. You need to be able to show the benefit they will get from you doing the apprenticeship – we can help with that. We have all the details about the course, the funding and what each of you need to do to make sure it is a successful apprenticeship, we can even have one of our experts discuss it with your employer to help give them peace of mind.

How does an accounting apprenticeship work
As an apprentice you will work for an employer in a finance related role, some of your time, known as off the job training, will be spent studying your qualification online. As a training provider we have a blended approach to the learning and ensure our tutors are available to help you in the best way for you.

Who are AAT?

AAT is the UK’s leading professional body offering skills-based accountancy and finance qualifications.   Their qualifications are practical, internationally recognised and can open doors in any industry across the world.
AAT is open to everyone – you don’t need previous qualifications or experience, and you can work at a pace that fits in with your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for your first job in accountancy, want to change careers, or simply want to enhance your existing accounting skills, AAT will give you the training you need.